I installed Office 2016 after installing the latest updates. I still had Office 2013 installed. Office parts were named 2016 etc suggesting but there was no folder. After removing Office 2013 the Outlook 2016 removed the 2016 suffix and remained in the root of the shortcut tree.

I made a new folder in the shortcut tree called Microsoft Office 2016 and I moved all of the shortcuts there. I then rebooted and the new folder appeared properly. Part of the problem in Windows 11 is the nonsense of bundling Office 365 which Redmond wants everyone to subscribe to. The subscription costs more than double the perpetual license. Even worse is the folder I made to organize the shortcuts disappeared and they all were moved back to the top of the start tree.

Outlook also has issues even starting which forces a reboot to get it to launch. The Samsung 980 SSD is fast to reboot but problems with Windows 11 and Office 2016 are abundant.

I also have Office 2019 but the product is nominally the same as the Office 2016 version.