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We are small boutique IT and development shop based in Victoria, BC in Canada. We are recognized globally as expert with MS-DOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows. After hours, we play games.

Your webmaster achieved 2400 on the SAT. Nobody else even got close at my school. Honors classes are not that challenging.

The site has a Standard Industrial Code of 2471 which is miscellaneous publishing. The NASIC code is 71 which is arts, entertainment, and recreation.

583727 BC Ltd is a small business corporation we established in the tech bubble period. This is commonly done in Canada for tax purposes. Besides lower corporate tax rates, dividends are also taxed at lower rates.

We started with a small quarterly newsletter featuring chess, checkers and other games along some comments about the improvements in semiconductors. We printed the newsletter on a dot-matrix printer. The HP Postscript LaserJet was used for several years. Dot-matrix printers continued through to the 1990s before low cost ink-jet printers replaced them. Today the Canon MB2320 handles everything easily.

Due to hardship we never grew much in distribution as the 1970s stagflation was a poor time for many. Then 1981 with interest rates sky high, the situation was horrid. Unemployment skyrocketed as many businesses went bankrupt.

We also developed several other very simple games but the most ambitious DOS game we wrote played Euchre. The game was single player only and it handled counting the tricks etc. The AI handled the other player. We uses BASIC to draw the game cards which make the game much easier to assemble.

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In the mid 1980s and into the 1990s we operated a single line BBS system. Many rivals had multi-line systems. We used Fido for many years even though Opus was far more popular.

Your webmaster has been awarded the Microsoft MVP four times running, starting in 2010. We are recognized global expert with the Microsoft Windows operating system. We also recognized as Guru with AMD who appreciates our expert solutions. We have also developed significant expertise with Linux.

The Google Safe Browsing status shows the site continues to be clean as the proverbial whistle. 


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Global shipping is a huge global industry. There are about 180 million containers in use globally. There is a fleet of the about 53,000 merchant ships handles internationally container shipping. A few containers don’t make their destination, with an average of 1,390 containers lost at sea each year.

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OOCL Hong Kong

Modern container ships like the new OOCL line are so large that many ports cannot handle them. The trend for more 20,000+ TEU ships require extensive port redesign over the coming decades.

The OOCL Hong Kong is imposing enough to need a lot of draft. It also requires a lengthy dock with several gantry cranes to move the cargo rapidly.