Hardcore Games is an accredited editorial website. We are widely recognized by the industry. Traffic on the site spans 50,000 to 100,000 page views per month. The holiday season can bring 15-50% more traffic over the long term averages. The trend for traffic has seen organic growth but content popularity has waxed and waned over time. The biggest pop was the post on release day for Windows 8 which saw a spike of 30,000 page views a day for a week. The old post on 64-bit gaming has faded into obscurity but it reached 100,000 page views in its day. Today KB articles and error code posts are the current traffic sources. Assorted games are also in the the Google Analytics list in numbers.


It seems that referrals from forums etc and direct bookmarks are the largest piece of the traffic on the site. Content in the site is focused mostly on search but many land on the homepage seeking to see new posts.


Google recognized us as a leading gaming site and they provide hundreds of organic referrals daily. The site has several thousand articles which Google refers to depending on the search terms with each query.


We are accredited with MSN and sometimes posts appear with the new app in Windows 8 and above. Unfortunately so many larger operations tend to overwhelm our less frequent posts. Developers have been working on Bing using AI for several years and now it is better than it was but it still needs more work done on it. Competition is fierce which should benefit consumers in the long run.


Yandex has not represented a very large referral presence. It could be that they are more focused on Russian language sites. ХАРДКОРНЫЕ ИГРЫ™ seems to be a rote translation.


Baidu is major search portal in China. They actually send a few to the site mostly for mobile friendly game reviews. Evidently China does not see this site as important but 1.6 billion people cannot all be wrong. Perhaps in time the site will attract more traffic from China.


Keymailer recognizes us as an editorial website. Youtube views fall short of the impact that this site has achieved. Twitter discussion feature has improved to rival Facebook. Reddit has been hard figure out. Keymailer is a good place for independant games for review. A large fraction of games reviewed are from independent studios.

A lot of attention has been given to leveraging Twitter and now with retweets and likes the impact of a given tweet is now close to 60,000 potential views. Retweets can magnify the impact substantially and likes are also a powerful tool as well.