We’ve detected that you are using AdBlock Plus ore some other adblocking software. Blocking advertisements disproportionately hurts small web sites like this one.

This site, like others, needs revenue to pay the bills. Only after they are paid does your webmaster get anything to eat.

Many web sites have closed thanks to ad blocking.. Many more websites are closing every day. A recent report from PageFair and Adobe said that the growth of ad blockers would cost the industry a staggering $22 billion for 2015 alone.


People who use ad blocking programs kill good jobs. 

A lot of web sites have closed because of adblocking.


This page is a survival plea, plain and simple. Many days we see more than 50% ad block usage. How are we supposed to eat?

Some days we experience over 66% adblock rates. Hard to even afford peanuts like that.


See this site for help to get rig of Adblockers etc