Here at Hardcore Games, Apple hardware is in abundance.

Apple Watch gallery

The MacBook is based in an Intel Broadview CPU with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. The studio machine runs OS X but I have seen some running Windows on them. The 2304×1440 Retina display really is the best feature of the MacBook. The series was retired in favor of the third gen MacBook Air in 2019. The MacBook has only two ports, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a single, multi-purpose USB-C port; it was the first Mac with USB-C. The port supports transmission speeds of up to 5 Gbit/s, and can be used for data, and audio/video output, and charging; it was the first MacBook without MagSafe charging. Apple markets an adapter that can provide a full-size USB connector, and a “Digital AV Multiport Adapter” with a charging pass-through, full-size USB port, and HDMI output.

The iPad Pro 12.9 has 256GB has enough storage for every ebook on the planet. EPUB is half the size of PDF but the Books app can display them both fine. A third party stylus with a USB-C charger port is far less prone to damage than the Apple stylus with a male lightning connector. The stylus is handy for several precise tasks such as editing images etc.

The iPhone has become the basic business phone line. Presently the iPhone 11, 256GB is in use and it has survived fine with a silicone protector. Apple does offer dual line phones but domestic support is dismal.


The Apple Watch Series 6: Nike has been very convenient as a mobile payment device. The watch also tracks activity which appears in the Health app. The focus on health at Apple has made the watch a much more valuable unit especially for older persons.


Apple Pay has been very useful and its is now very widely accepted. The iPhone 6 and above can handle Apple Pay. More recently the Apple Watch series 3 and above have taken over the NFC function and even the bar code functions. Apple Pay is also available on the MacBook using the Watch or iPhone.


Canada is far behind the curve for mobile support for Apple’s devices. Cellular iPads are common but domestic carriers want staggering fees on top of tied services for iPads. Cellular watches are less common but again support is outright dismal. Cellular costs are the highest in the developed world. The US, UK, Germany and China are all far less costly.

Things are so bad that installing a regular cell phone SIM card into an iPad will be rejected. It has been tried with several carriers and across the board, iPad is persona non grata.

While cellular data caps have improved, there are still no uncapped services in Canada. Rogers offers “unlimited” but is nonsense as they substantially reduce the speed of service after 20GB.

The idea of bring your own device with an unlocked iPhone is less costly as the price for the iPhone financed over 24-36 months is brutally expensive. The studio buys phones directly from Apple as factory unlocked and they work with any carrier.

Since the compularary provider unlocking of phones a new headache of charges for activations was imposed. This demonstrates cartel behaviors which is why costs are brual in Canada.