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One of the most common structures is a stack. By using 2 stacks it is possible to use one for a program counter and one for data. This type of design can result in a very compact programming environment. It can be considered a thread interpretive language environment. In 1968 a low end IBM 1130 …

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When a rock the size of mars hit the earth its clear it could alter the axis of rotation. This would explain the 23° 26′ 11.7′ tilt which is why the world has seasons. Other impacts have added more wobbles to the earth’s rotation. Over the course of 25,772 years the entire zodiac cycles though …

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The laws of physics are constant for any non accelerating observer. The speed of light is constant for all observers regardless of the motion of the light or the observer. Most are familiar with the doppler effect when a train horn passes by and the frequency changes as it passes. A similar effect is seen …

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The NE555 is a simple integrated circuit that can be used to make an oscillator, timer, pulse generator and delay. The versatility of the NE555 makes it very popular with hobbyists and manufacturers alike. The NE555 can run on a 5V supply or a 12V supply depending on the application. The NE556 is a dual …

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small magellanic cloud

15 billion years ago, there was emptiness without form; emptiness without time. Then from the void an unimaginable explosion of energy was released into emptiness filling it with blindly bright light. The cosmic background radiation remains as a reminder of the intensity of the explosion. What force could do this defies the imagination. The Big Bang is …

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Gambling addiction is s serious problem for many. The state of Nevada in America allows gambling which is closely regulated by the government. Problem gambling is often defined by whether harm is experienced by the gambler or others, rather than by the gambler’s behaviour. Severe problem gambling may be diagnosed as clinical pathological gambling if …

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Newspapers a great example of journalism as each story is dated and located. Any journal qualifies from a notebook in any research area that dates the notes gives more weight to the events as they unfolded. Professional journalists focus more on facts while armchair journalists present facts without the rigors of proof. journalistic media include …

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6922EH tube

Before the rise of TTL in the 1960s people used to use vacuum tube based radios and televisions. In high school there was a demonstration radio gear built into the study desks. Unfortunately several were damaged. I was able to repair them all and when the instructor saw the quality of workmanship he was amazed. …

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Hardcore Games is aware that the Canada Post database forces many larger metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver into smaller pieces. In some smaller centers like Capital Region District are made up of several independent centers. This can be problematic for independent municipality centers. The CRD was formed in 1966 as a federation …

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