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The IR3555 is a synchronous buck gate driver IC with co-packed control and synchronous MOSFETs and Schottky diode. Integrated driver, Schottky diode, control MOSFET and synchronous MOSFET 5mV / A on-chip MOSFET current sensing with temperature compensated reporting Input voltage (VIN) range of 4.5V to 15V VCC and VDRV supply of 4.5V to 7V Output …

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PLX PEX 8747


The PLX PEX 8747 is used by NVIDIA and AMD etc. to replace the old NVIDIA NF200 for their dual GPU video cards. It has also been used on motherboards to support more PCIe lanes. The PEX 8747 is a 48-lane, 5-port, PCIe Gen 3 switch device developed on 40nm technology. The design is a …

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The NVIDIA NF200 replaces the older NF100 for PCI Express 2 applications. The NF200 is used with dual GPU video cards such as the GTX 590. Motherboard makers are now starting to use the new NVIDIA NF200 PCI Express bridge chip. The NF200 is a PCI Express lane multiplexor. Currently the top Intel X58 IOH …

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The Asus PhysX P1 card implements a hardware version of the Ageia PhysX API to improve the visual quality of actions in PC games. The P1 card sold for $270 in 2006. The card came with a full DVD version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. Considering the game is $50 the card seems to be much …

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The Intel 8080 microprocessor is very powerful but it has limitations. The shift function on the acumulator has a binary equivalent of multiply by 2 or divide by 2. A barrel shifter is simply a multiplexer with however many bits need to be shited. The 74LS157 is a quad multiplexor in a 16-pin DIP. This …

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The LM78xx regulators are made in several voltages. For example the LM7805 is 5V while the LM7812 is 12V and LM7815 is 15V. The LM78xx are make in several formats. The TO-220 and TO-3 are able to be mounted on a heat sink or attached to the logic board itself. The TO-263 and SOT-223 are …

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Intel 1702

The Intel 1702 EPROM is a storage device for 8-bit systems. The device uses UV light to erase it, and then it can be reprogrammed. The advantages are obvious. Intel 1702 2048-bit array 256×8 organization PMOS technology Chip Select pin 24-pin DIP Programming the array only takes about 2 minutes. The device is static MOS, …

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