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Section 38(1) of the Canadian Copyright Act gives us the right to election and to claim statutory damages for willful infringement. Each post or page is a discrete work and damages of up to $20,000 per work for infringement with commercial intent. Up to $5000 per work for infringement for non commercial intent.

Copyright law protects original works, such as websites, books, music, paintings, photos and video. A work is original if it contains content you created and did not borrow from others.

US Law on circumventing countermeasures to adblocking is a violation of 17 US Code §1201.

We built this site literally from scratch. Everything here is thus eligible for copyright. The copyright also extends to the style of the website as well as its content.


Content provided to us a third party shall be granted as a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any intellectual property content that you post on or submit in connection with Hardcore Games™ (Intellectual Property License).



Some text messages and images from Windows are quoted under the fair use provisions of the copyright laws of Canada. Microsoft who owns the rights to Windows and recognizes fair use to licensed users. Used with permission.

We use local copies of header images or box art for games and hardware etc. This allows WordPress to make thumbnail versions for galleries and other display purposes. The images are for product identification only. Identification is covered by fair use for benefit of the product or service reviewed.

Images on the site are blocked from copying only because of limited bandwidth. The site does not have very fast internet available. In a data center it’s even worse.

This site or product includes IP2Location LITE data available from Used with permission.


Hardcore Games™ respects the intellectual property of others. Contact us if there is an infringement issue.

A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.


The site has enough storage to locally host images so the pressure from cloud based solutions is behind us. Many images are from Steam and WordPress automatically saves them to the local storage which is the safest choice as many images on Steam have disappeared over time. Broken link checks have found hundreds of images have disappeared.

Most images are CC0 which is public domain. This is the most liberal license. Some jurisdictions do not recognize public domain which suggests they need to modernize their legal systems slightly.


We often post screen shots of a given game we review. Generally publishers acknowledge the fair use provisions and have no objection to screen shots of the copyrighted work(s). Such images are the copyrighted work of the respective developer(s) and publisher(s).

Some images are provided by publisher on a nonexclusive basis. Such content is added to the media library for use in reviews.

GPU-Z is one several free program(s) we frequently use and they grant full permission to use the saved image for use on a web site or forum post as desired. GPU-Z provides details about video cards many find helpful.

Steam provides the capacity to make a screen shot of any game licensed by them. This implies a grant of permission for use in a review etc. Such images are the copyrighted work of the respective developer(s) and publisher(s).  Such images are permissible under fair use provisions under the Canadian Copyright Act etc.

More and more content delivery network servers are becoming available. The are designed for images and video which are static unlike databases which are not. This site is now saving content locally as CDN services have gone dark or URLs change.

External links are limited primarily to advertisers. Steam for example does not have an affiliate system so no links to game store pages exist.


We occasionally post video of game play. Generally publishers acknowledge the fair use provisions and have no objection to video captures of the copyrighted work(s). Such video images are the copyrighted work of the respective developer(s) and publisher(s).

We have also created videos which are uploaded to YouTube. Such works are then embedded.


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