I have recently updated my Corel software collection which affords a significant graphics arts capabilities in the studio. I still have my old CorelDraw 3 CD which I used for print advertising back in the mid to late 1990s. Corel licenses are perpetual so there is not additional cost for subscriptions.

  • CorelDraw 3 CDROM
  • CorelDraw Suite 12
  • Corel PaintShop Pro 2020


The CorelDraw suite has PaintShop Pro and large range of additional plug-ins and special tools.

Corel has taken steps to make PaintShop Pro far more powerful. For example scanned photographs can be retouched and restored.

It is even possible with PaintShop Pro to retouch and clean up paintings to some extent. This extent varies to some extent depending on the painter’s style and the subject matter.

The buccaneer painting, for example, has some color issues for the sand and for the barrels etc. This particular painting can be restored but a lot of hours would be needed to completely remaster this image.


The mighty CorelDraw has been the standard for vector art. For many years print advertisements for local businesses was a lucrative business for the studio.

Corel is able to make custom logos and letterhead assets for any idea desired. CorelDraw can do design intensive work easily.


I still have the old Corel 3 CDROM. All of the CDR files can be opened with CorelDraw fine and the bitmaps open with PhotoPaint fine as well. Other old CDROM disks PCX and GIF images all could be opened.