There are a lot of desktop machines in the studio. Most are stored on a shelf as spares. Still with wireless networking it is possible to have them all operational.

Remote desktop can allow the use of several machines. This makes the LG 27UL500 LCD panel very useful with its ultra efficient backlight. A laptop may have a 1366×768 LCD so using remote desktop at 3840×2160 works fine.

iCute 640Corsair CS450
Corsair Carbide 300RCorsair TX850V2MSI 970-A-G43
Cooler Master HAF 932retiredretired
Corsair SPEC-01Corsair RM650MSI X470 Gaming Plus
Corsair Obsidian 750DCorsair HX1000iMSI X570-A PRO

Occasionally a new chassis has been procured for the studio. Mid tower chassis with several extra fans installed are comparatively cool in operation. Full tower chassis tend to ship with more fans but they too need to be fleshed out with more air flow.

Video cards are the biggest expense in PC gaming. The dual GPU based GTX 690 was $1000. The RTX 2080 Ti is almost as expensive. Dual card solutions mandate more expensive motherboards and extreme capacity power supplies.


Power supplies fail along with motherboards which are a ongoing expense in the studio. Elite power supplies tend to be more durable and can outlast a few motherboards. The trend for more efficient designs in power supplies has not slowed as 80 plus gold moves to platinum and most recently titanium.

When the Corsair AX860i failed the disappointment was deeply felt. Corsair sent me a replacement HX1000i and told me to keep the dead one. This gave me an extra set of cables which affords more options for modern motherboads given the additional EPS12V power requirements.

The full ATX motherboard need 9 6-32 screws to mount them fully. The PSU needs 4 6-32 screws. The DVD drive needs the smaller M3 screws however many modern chassis now have toolless mounts for DVD drives.

Motherboards like the MSI X470 Gaming Plus and the X570-A PRO have both an EPS12V connector and a ATX12V connector. Generally the ATX12V connector can be left disconnected and the motherboard will still function fine. If there was that much more power needed then dual EPS12V connections makes more sense.