We are a small development studio.  We operate serveral websites in addition to this one.

We also are competent C++ developers with much experience in logic and parallel programming techniques.


We are well equipped with digital video cameras and non linear video editing and compositing. Our studio uses professional Avid tools which are the broadcast standard choice for NTSC and HDTV grade productions.


  • Hardware and Game Reviews Terms
  • PSU Review Standards
  • Counterfeit DDR3


We are slowly developing a version of Sudoku. We already have a working solver to check puzzles from a generator. So the core logic is complete.  The code is presently C++ as a console app. We are considering the Universal Windows App but we are considering offering the game to phones as well as laptops and desktops.


We have been building lists of playable games for laptop and desktop machines we have.  We have an extensive library of games we can test machines with.

  • Lenovo T400
  • Lenovo T500
  • Lenovo x220
  • Lenovo X230