Gambling addiction is s serious problem for many. The state of Nevada in America allows gambling which is closely regulated by the government. Problem gambling is often defined by whether harm is experienced by the gambler or others, rather than by the gambler’s behaviour. Severe problem gambling may be diagnosed as clinical pathological gambling if …

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conway game of life

Conway’s game of Life is a type of cellular automata. It is simple enough to use on a monochrome display. The game is set on an infinite plane however computer implementations often use a toroidal universe due to memory and display limitations. A torus is simple to understand, roll a sheet of paper into a …

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SMPTE logo png

SMPTE color bars replaced the monochrome Indian Head when a station was off the air. The pattern was originally conceived by Norbert D. Larky and David D. Holmes of RCA Laboratories and first published in RCA Licensee Bulletin LB-819 on February 7, 1951. U.S. patent 2,742,525 Color Test Pattern Generator was awarded on April 17, …

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IEC 60320


The IEC 60320 standard (originally 320) is designed to provide safe power connections to home and office equipment. The standard spans voltages up to 250V and current up to 16A. C5/C6 connectors for up to 13 A C7/C8 connectors for up to 10 A C13/C14 and C15/C16 connectors for up to 15 A C19/C20 and C21/C22 connectors for …

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Newspapers a great example of journalism as each story is dated and located. Any journal qualifies from a notebook in any research area that dates the notes gives more weight to the events as they unfolded. Professional journalists focus more on facts while armchair journalists present facts without the rigors of proof. journalistic media include …

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6922EH tube

Before the rise of TTL in the 1960s people used to use vacuum tube based radios and televisions. In high school there was a demonstration radio gear built into the study desks. Unfortunately several were damaged. I was able to repair them all and when the instructor saw the quality of workmanship he was amazed. …

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rca dog and gramophone

The Indian Head test pattern is called that due to the highly detailed image of a traditional costume. The pattern was developed by RCA back in 1929. This test pattern has been used widely when a television was not broadcasting. It is very richly detailed and the artwork simply made it so well known.



The IBM System/370 was announced on June 30, 1970. The System/370 is designed to be largely compatible with the System/360 with much better performance and more memory and the growing use of hard disks. The System 370 uses new integrated circuits which make it over 4 times denser than the old System/360. The System 370 …

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The Relational Database Management System, or RDBMS for short is a system of storing indexed data files that can have relations between other index files established. The term “relational database” was invented by Edwin F. Codd at IBM in 1970. Codd introduced the term in his research paper “A Relational Model of Data for Large …

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Hardcore Games is aware that the Canada Post database forces many larger metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver into smaller pieces. In some smaller centers like Capital Region District are made up of several independent centers. This can be problematic for independent municipality centers. The CRD was formed in 1966 as a federation …

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