Hardcore Games™ has been in operation in one form or another for a very long time. We started off as a news letter, later we operated a BBS system before moving to a web site in the mid 1990s where we have remained ever since.

This site requires cookies and JavaScript to operate properly. WordPress is a content management system and its overall structure is very complex. WordPress is by far the most popular web site system..

Java is different and we do not use that programming environment. It has been recognized as a security risk. Java is used by some online games. The security problems arise from the browser extensions.


Our web server also keeps a log of every request whether it’s a valid request or not. We periodically examine the logs to identify miscreants who desire to break into the server(s). Sadly miscreants use mechanized systems to attempt to hack into servers where they can then spread malware. We have taken many steps to protect the server so that legitimate users can enjoy the service(s) safely.

We have installed an alert that this site uses cookies. This seems to be the most common sense solution to increase awareness. The alert will appear monthly to remind users we use cookies as part of the site experience. We did not want to be too intrusive so a monthly reminder seemed to be the best compromise.

By default WordPress does not collect any personal data about visitors, and only collects the data shown on the User Profile screen from registered users We use some advertising plugins which we used in connection with ads that appear on the site..


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Our server is in a data center and salted passwords are very complex in the extreme to prevent hacking. Spyware is a remote possibility which is why we have a privacy policy. Linux servers automatically salt the passwords that copies are useless. The 512 bit salt is randomly generated with a new install so every server has a unique salted password list.


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