If you are a publisher and want your game reviewed, we will accept your game gladly. We only require that the game will work with Windows 7 x64 or higher. We may use your game for benchmarking. Presently we use Metro 2033 and Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason for benchmarking. We often seek new benchmarks of interest to gamers.

We revise reviews when games are updated or new information is available. Our reviews are always single page and recently video clips in a loop are being used to better describe the game. Gaming guides are posted separately with links back to the original review which is also amended to links to the new guides. Some games may have multiple guides depending on their nature and the gaming requirements.

The sound meter is convenient to see how much sound levels come from air cooled devices. The move to ball bearing fans has reduced fan noise substantially in personal computers.

The FLIR camera is more eye opening with its ability to see if there are any overheated components in a PC or with any product. Some USB wall power units tend to be surprisingly warm. The FLIR sensor can even show the studs in outdoor walls or find leaking windows easily. The rechargeable battery is convenient making it easy to work all day.


We hold multiple Windows IT MVP awards from Microsoft. We are thus far more competent to help identify problems, if any, in a release candidate. We also respect an embargo when needed. We also respect NDA which use extensively with may corporations. Corporations have a right to privacy too.


Mobile testing now includes load testing for charger so that real efficiency can be measured. Testing of wires and cables along with phones can all be reviewed non destructively easily. Apple recoments a case for phones and we agree, just because its drop resistant does not mean it will not break.


We are now far better equipped to review display adapters. Many of the games we have feature benchmarks which can be leveraged to create a more complete review. We continually acquire more games with an eye towards benchmarking.

If you provide us with video cards, we wish to retain them permanently so that they can be used for future game reviews and benchmark table updates. A growing number of games are integrating benchmarks so that players can adjust the settings to better match their particular machines.


We chronically need new motherboards, processors and RAM for the reviews. Periodically we experience hardware failures and require replacements. Motherboards do not last very long swapping video cards before the PCI Express slot is damaged. Some motherboards now have reinforced slots which seem to be much more durable.


We prefer to evaluate power supplies as long term assets which is different from the usual strip down review. Stress testing is fine but how well does the PSU perform over 5 years. We use a power usage meter which can measure down to the cent how much power is used. We have several extreme video cards that use over 250W of power to see how well a given PSU can handle an extreme load.


We also use laptop machines extensively. Many laptop users play games after hours so we test games on our machines for game compatibility. With over 1000 games in Steam any machine can be evaluated for gaming.